What are the issues that DGCustomerFirst needs to address?

In February and March, when we were working with a fever and a cough, says Rebecca, we couldn’t close the store because it was a team of skeletons. God help us close the store!” “By hiring more temporary workers, Dollar General could reduce working hours and overtime pay for full-time workers.” I have 18 hours a week, “says Rebecca.” I get my full-time benefits by eating my entire salary. ”

Rebecca and her New Jersey colleague are not new if Dollar General doesn’t understand the concerns of the people who work in their stores. “They have no idea what is happening at the store level,” the New Jersey employee told Mother Jones. In December we ran out of the heat for three weeks, so COVID-19’s response on the street is: I don’t care. It’s about the dollar. She says the DGCustomerFirst store doesn’t always feel safe. (A recent NBC News report found that at least $ 27 was raped in violent robberies between January 2019 and January 2020.) Rebecca reminds the manager that she is the wastewater that flooded her company multiple times over the course of weeks. , had to clean up. The manager did not even want to speak. Everyone knows that going to companies is a waste of time, he says. “If you complain, go away.”

Why DGCustomerFirst?

Why do you need to participate in the DGCustomerFirst? Why do you need to invest your precious time in the DGCustomerFirst?

Well, the DGCustomerFirst helps you to ensure that you will be getting much better customer support on your next visit to the Dollar General as compared to that of previous visits.

DGCustomerFirst Survey is one of the best methods for people to analyze their own services and make sure that they offer their customers the best.

This survey is an extremely easy task for each and every customer to participate in. It hardly takes any time from the customers. Thus, just investing a few minutes in the DGCustomerFirst makes sure that you will get the best on your future visits to the Dollar General.

Stone quickly learned this lesson. He continued to send questions to the company, using the stories he heard on social media as examples. After all, the general dollar was fed up. Pierre was released on April 27. “Management has alerted management to the fact that there are negative emails, messages, and other information about the company,” said Jason Reese, senior director of business planning. General dollar market, Stone said when called. led by Leslie Allen, the company’s chief director of human resources. “There was it looks like bad blood.

I would say the only bad blood I have is current inactivity with workers in stores and distribution centers, Stone said. I am proud to work for this company and I want it to lead the DGCustomerFirst economy and the spirit of the United States, pushing for higher wages and adequate protection. He referred to the masks on his shirt: “My heart hurts when people cut a shirt off the front to protect themselves.”

In his statement, General Dollar said he “categorically denied” that Stone had been fired for “illegal reasons” and that the company was “applying a zero-tolerance policy for unlawful retaliation.”

2020 was already a year for Stone “What the hell?” He says. “Now, during a pandemic, I was released to organize the workers.” You are still struggling to understand the logic. “What’s wrong with asking for a better salary?”

The general dollar is not known as a friendly worker. During its expansion, the company cracked down on organized workers to improve conditions. Twice in the past five years, the New Jersey employee told Mother Jones that company representatives had come to the store to celebrate what she saw as meetings hindering union building.


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