Guide to use FaceTime easily on PC

Video chat is a great way to instantly chat with anyone in the world. Staying in the Apple ecosystem makes it even easier with FaceTime. It is true that it does not work with Android devices, but if you are chatting with other Apple fans, it is very easy to configure.

FaceTime for PC usage is almost identical to the iPhone and iPad. This makes sense because almost identical software is used. Apple released the iPad fork last year and it’s still pretty much the same as iOS 13; Therefore, access to this voice chat feature is the same for everyone, but we note the following differences.

To access FaceTime, simply locate the app (at the time of writing, the icon looks like a white film camera inserted in a green square) and press to open it. You can use it to make audio or video calls.

What do you need for FaceTime for PC? Just an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and an Apple ID (sign up for free): You don’t need an LTE connection, but an Internet connection via WLAN to work. Please note that you need a minimum speed for the video to work. If your internet is too slow, the audio won’t work either, although the latter is a very low limit.

We will start with the basics of setting up your Apple ID and making calls.

If you’re using an iPhone, congratulations, you’ve probably already set up your Apple ID. When you turn on your phone for the first time, you’ll need to sign in with your Apple IDs or create a new account. If you are using an iPad or iPod Touch and you are not connected to your Apple ID, you will be prompted to do so by clicking on the FaceTime application.

FaceTime for PC 

You will be thrilled to know that now you can use FaceTime for PC application on your PC too. This application is the most convenient option to make an audio call or a video call from your laptop or a computer.

Once connected, you have access to all the contacts that are available in the contact and messaging applications. Yes, you can only use FaceTime with people who also have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

FaceTime for PC has been helping the users to make the video calls easily to a great extent.

You can easily download and install this application and thus make sure that you make the video calls securely.

Note that you need to make sure FaceTime for PC is active (this should be the default). Open the Settings app and click on FaceTime. Then click the Activate button in the stop position.

From there, you can select the numbers and emails you want to contact via FaceTime and take photos during a call. You can also block FaceTiming contacts here.

You can start an audio call (looks like a normal call, but with “FaceTime Audio” above) and make a video call, but not the other way around.

You can visit the site to download and install the application easily.

When you are in a video call, your contact is shown on the main screen, while a small rectangle shows what you are transferring, either from your selfie lens or from the rear camera.

You can touch this small window and drag it to any corner of the screen to better see who is communicating with you.

At the bottom of the FaceTime for PC screen is a bar with call options (these are hidden during FaceTiming on an iPhone; just touch the screen to call them back).

“Flip” switches to the rear camera (uses the front camera by default), while “Mute” and “End” are explicit. The Effects button allows you to change Animoji, Filters, Text, Shapes, Memoji Stickers, etc.


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