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Prosecutors concluded that Lowe’s supervisor was in a hurry because he knew Dow had already suffered a spinal injury “and that it would cost Lowes a lot and/or harm the manager’s young career.”

The air conditioning department says the manager’s statement to DFEH is “incorrect or misleading.” Lowe’s investigators said they knew nothing about Dow’s previous injury. However, Dow’s request clearly shows that he had already been treated for back injuries. Lowe claims that Dow wrote “None” for each adjustment, but D.A. Fox said: “A closer look at the copy” shows that Dow’s letters overlap.

Dow says the state investigator closed his file due to MyLowesLife’s false testimony. “DFEH threw me into the dark. Even after receiving a MyLowesLife report from the prosecutor, they refuse to open my file again and only act when the prosecutor accuses him. It makes me sick. The promoter is violent Low resistance.

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  4. After submitting the inquired details, verify it once.
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  7. This concludes your successful registration on the online MyLowesLife portal.

After DFEH dropped the lawsuit, Dow hired a private attorney to file a lawsuit in San Francisco federal court. The same false document and Lowe’s lies were presented. For this reason, Dow’s attorney refused to go further. In December 2006, Lowe ordered Dow’s attorneys’ fees of $ 130,678.50 to be reimbursed under the DFEH Act. I fell to the floor crying when my wife showed me movement, says Dow. Three weeks later, the court ruled that the Dow case was not frivolous and that Lowe’s request had been dismissed.

Dow lives in Maine today, but distance cannot separate him from his relentless six-year fight with one of the world’s largest retailers. So far, I have paid for my own therapy. Lowe knows this until I try to commit suicide and be hospitalized, admits Dow. I had to go bankrupt because I was hospitalized for $ 35,000. My rights have been stolen due to fraud, lies, and false evidence.

Dow, 43, a member of the Boston Plumbing Union, appears to be struggling with dark shadows. I don’t know what to do or where to go except to disclose it in the hope that an attorney is interested and will help me change the situation. I tried these agencies and Lowes for that. Withdrawn from my constitutional rights, but I don’t know what to do.

The MyLowesLife 

Without his mentoring period, Joe Dow worked at MyLowesLife for about 16 days. He’s been paying for it ever since. Dow recently attended real estate and computer science courses in Maine and hopes to land a job at a local real estate agency after the new year. I still have nightmares that I’m paralyzed with and cause panic attacks to wake me up. Then my wife crawls on the floor and screams for help. I just have to convince myself that there will be justice.

In 2007, Dow’s wife contacted a dfEH attorney and provided sufficient evidence to request an investigation and prosecution against Lowe of the San Mateo County Prosecutor, who then referred the case to the San Mateo Ministry. where is it today

A. Fox said last week that the investigation of the Dow case would continue. I think, wrote the ministry, that the facts support the conclusion that certain crimes were committed in this case.


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