Understanding The UPSers Employee Engagement

Does your team lack cohesion? Do you often wonder if you UPSers employees take you seriously?

Would you like to change your culture into our culture?

In his new book “UPSers Driver Leadership Lessons: A Culture of Us, Not Me”, former UPS International President and Punctual Driver Ron Wallace shows how to create a promise of quality for strong employees for team building and, accordingly, for long-term business success.

Wallace knows one or two things about leadership and team-building: In his nearly 40-year career, he put UPS to the test for six years and eventually became President of UPS International. He directed more than 60,000 employees and oversaw UPSers operations in more than 200 countries. Drawing on decades of experience at the top of one of the world’s best-known and most successful companies, Wallace’s new book offers important tips for building the best team of inspired people so that each company can be successful.

In the book, Wallace offers several tips on how leaders can create a “culture of their own” and deliver exceptional results.

UPSers Goal 

The sole goal of the UPSers portal is to make the life of the employees at the UPS premises easy. This portal has been delivering the best results to the UPSers management team.

The UPSers employees are enabled to get the details regarding their job from one place itself. The portal eliminates the need for visiting the HR department again and again.

UPSers portal has been helping the UPS employees to a great extent.

Play in the top 5, not in the top 5.

Successful leaders know that playing with the five most important people (that is, the most talented) can be a mistake if they don’t work well together. To achieve your goals, Wallace said, identify the “Top 5” that work best for synergies and chemistry, and put them at stake.

However, he cautions that competition is always important. You have to do everything possible to attract, develop, and retain great talent. However, if you have to choose between talent and chemistry, choose chemistry. When employees join forces and achieve results that go beyond the sum of their individual contributions, something magical happens the entire team and the organization benefit from it.

Promote teamwork, not the stars.

Organizations succeed when people work together as a whole: without heroes, without stars. While rewarding team members’ performance is an integral part of a company’s interpersonal dynamics, Wallace encourages support for a sense of teamwork for individual performance.

The UPSers employees can register on this portal at the address www.upsers.com.

With the right attitude, you help your team have discipline and the will to master challenges. Your employees need to trust each other and trust each other as teammates who don’t give up when it matters.

Be a leader, not a boss

Wallace put it simply: A boss is not necessarily a leader, and it takes a quality leader to form a cohesive team. Those who believe that they have acquired the right to simply appoint employees should not be misled if they believe that the classification is that of leadership, as there is a difference between “boss” and actual leadership.

According to Wallace, the attributes of an effective leader include:

  • Strong character, integrity, high energy, competition.
  • A servant-servant mentality
  • Willingness to take risks and responsibility for their actions.
  • Ability to work well with people.
  • Make a contribution and promote a contribution
  • Modesty and a desire to honor others.
  • Initiative and acceptance of changes.

UPSers Vision And Focus

Wallace points out that it is good to build on your own success, but one of the biggest obstacles to quality leadership is pretending that your success has done better than others, and forgetting that winning is not alone, but with the combined talents of the other. Member of the team that joined.


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